Review of the Binance exchange. Registration. How to trade on Binance

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance is an extremely new exchange that began operations in 2017 And during that time it has gained a lot of attention among users. Now the Binance exchange is listed in some of the most popular exchanges on daily transactions. In the center of Binance, the Binance exchange is located in Shanghai and is headed by Changpeng Zhao.

In August 2017, the Binance exchange had announced Yi Hye, co-founder of OKcoin and OKcoin, was now a part of the Binance exchange. Yi Hye is one of the most influential and successful individuals in China’s economy. This incident positively impacted the increasing popularity of the crypto-exchange Binance and their national currency Binance coin. In the same day, after the announcement of the partnership between Yi Hye and the Binance exchange, the worth that Binance Coin has Binance Coin has risen by 40%.

Website for Binance exchange

Binance exchange is the official website, with the URL www.binance.com. The domain was registered on April 1 2017. The site Binance is very innovative but at the time a simple site, which is available in 6 languages, among which there is Russian.Join Us https://bitxfin.com/ website In truth it seems that the translation of the site into Russian is somewhat “crooked”. The interface of the site is well-organized, and it is comparable with other exchanges for cryptocurrency. In the “Sign to” as well as “Registration” sections are located in the lower right corner where you can modify the language used on the site. This is how you can applaud the creators of the site, so you can praise the current news section and sweepstakesthat are free – this field we have highlighted in red. Photos of the website can be found below.

How do I sign-up on Binance

In order to be registered on Binance the first step is to visit the website and click “registration” After that, you will be taken to the registration page. I’d like to point out one small detail, which we keep in mind. Instantly introducing your email address and creating a password to access the exchange. By being aware that your password must include uppercase and lowercase letters, along with numbers, and you’ll be required to enter captcha. Captcha on Binance is comprised of two phases: First, you must place the mouse cursor on the desired field, this act is similar to the steps you must take to answer a phone call on iPhone following which you input the characters in the image.

For confirmation of your email, you will be provided with a link that will confirm the email address you wish to visit. If you click the linkyou’ll activate your account. With each entry to the personal cabinet, you’ll be required to submit the captcha that was mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Binance verification

Verification with Binance is comprised of three steps. The first stage of verification through Binance will be completed when you confirm your postal address. The first phase of verification lets you withdraw a maximum of 2 bitcoins each day. To get through the second phase of verification you will need to click on the message “Complete identity check” which is less than the threshold of Ruby.

But, this feature will close at first. To use it, you must confirm the number of your mobile or use Google Authenticator. If you do NOT reside in China or have kart any of the Chinese operators, then the functionality of connecting to the phone will be unavailable. Therefore, you’ll have to accept the Google authenticator code.

In order to pass the second stage of verification , you’ll need exert a little more effort and collect a tiny package of documents, among the documents: scan passports 1 and 2 , and have to create your photo with your identity card is held in your hand as well as make a signature on an unmarked leaf. However, you will find clear instructions and illustrations. After passing the second step of verification, you’ll be capable of withdrawing up to 100 bitcoins per day. For you to be eligible for even more benefits you will need to complete the 3rd step of verification. This happens via contacting the assistance service.

How do I deposit money on Binance and how to withdraw money from binance

 Review of the Binance exchange. Registration. How to trade on Binance

Remember, we told you there was a possibility that the interpretation of the site Binance into Russian is a little “crooked” and, therefore, it is time to comprehend the reasons. To deposit money on the cryptocurrency exchange Binance then be sure to click”asset “asset” and then click “withdraw cash from the deposit” in the menu. After that, it will see a list of possible currencies in which you have the opportunity to make deposits. It is important to note, as before it is possible to replenish the account with 44 cryptocurrency. Binance exchange does not give its customers the chance to replenish the account in fiat currency.

Commissions from Binance

The Binance exchange became popular due to two important factors in the form of its low commission, which is 0.1% of the transaction. Also, thanks to the latest technology in order processing. The method of processing orders on the stock exchange Binance able to process 1.4 million orders per second is impressive, isn’t it?

How can you trade on Binance?

To start trading on the Binance exchange, you’ll need to click on the section “Shopping Center” The location of where it’s located. It is visible in the photo above. After that you find yourself within the realm of financial trading.

In the picture in the image, you can see the top of the cabinet for trading. The top of the cabinet is where you will see the list of trading pairs clicking on any of them and you will be able to see its chart , as well as a display of orders. In this case, we have shown arrows on the chart to show how this group works. If any of the trades listed above aren’t the ones you need, click on the “More” button and receive an entire list of the allowed trading pairs that are available on the Binance exchange.

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